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A projector with an interactive whiteboard has been the standard classroom display solution for schools for some time.

A classroom projector in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard such as a SmartBoard is used in the majority of UK classrooms. Whether it's standard throw ceiling mounted, ultra-short throw, lampless or interactive, Elementary Technology have vast experience specifying, maintaining and installing classroom projectors in schools, colleges and universities.

The range of projector brands and technologies can seem bewildering - so which is the best choice for your school?

DLP or LCD? Or what about a lampless or an interactive projector? How do different brands of projectors vary in performance?

Do you need widescreen to match your PC/laptop resolution and interactive whiteboard? Does a projector need to be controlled on the school network? Can wireless projectors be beneficial?

Please try and avoid buying a projector before you seek professional advice! Considering the brand, the technology, the brightness, the warranty and the whole-life cost, we can support you in making the best decision.

The 2007 Schools' Whiteboard Expansion Programme saw a huge rise in the use of projectors, and tens of thousands of these original projectors remain in use - out of warranty and requiring ongoing maintenance. Even lamp replacements decline in brightness over time, reaching just 50% of their original brightness at the end of their stated lifetime.

With this in mind we can always provide extended projector and replacement lamp warranty options for extra piece of mind.

We recommend starting with our free, comprehensive Classroom Healthcheck of your institution's projectors. This gives you an accurate report on the makes, models, age and performance of your existing equipment, and ensures you receive the best solution for your school.

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A Testimonial

I am writing to say a massive thank you after the efficient installation of the 11 Epson ultra-short throw projectors which you recently installed to replace our old Sanyo ceiling mounted projectors, they are brilliant!

We were recommended to speak to you as you had worked with so many local schools and you audited our equipment free of charge and gave us a full report with recommendations.

Our projectors were in a pretty bad condition and you advised the best way forward with the funding we had available.

Samantha Chamberlain, School Business Manager


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