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iPads for Education

Transform your teaching learning with mobile device collaboration

When the right technology is placed into the hands of knowledgeable, confident and innovative teachers, learning becomes inspirational and accessible for all. Our accredited Apple Solution Expert partners can support you with this.

Technology should support teachers to accelerate the progress of pupils across the curriculum, and Apple iPads are the perfect example. Our partners will design a bespoke Apple technology solution that best fits your needs, then supply, advise, install, train, and support on an ongoing basis. Everything you need will be be provided.

Boosting the functionality of your classroom display

iPads and other mobile devices will add value to your interactive touchscreen, allowing pupils to annotate, collaborate, demonstrate and share. Furthermore, mobile devices allow the teacher to move around the classroom and interact with individuals and groups, and can be used alongside visualisers and other peripheral equipment.

Key Steps to Success 

Achieving a successful 1:1 project that raises standards and progress requires a thoughtful project plan, implemented by effective leadership and partnership with an expert. 

Here are some key steps to a successful 1:1 deployment:

  • Vision and Planning - establish the clear vision for 1:1 and devise the ongoing strategy and project plan
  • Funding - establish the most suitable funding mechanism to ensure 1:1 is sustainable
  • Stakeholder Engagement - consultation with key stakeholders, such as governors and parents
  • Technical Strategy - planning, preparation, deployment and support of the 1:1 environment
  • Pedagogy and Professional Development - thoughtful and ongoing training for teachers and pupils
  • Ongoing Support - technical support, insurance, warranties, case studies, marketing and PR
If you would like to find out how we can help you achieve your own successful 1:1 iPad scheme, whether it's at the planning stage or an existing scheme, please contact our office on 0844 357 5197 or use the contact form on this page.

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