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As an independent reseller we have access to the whole of the education and audio-visual technology marketplace This includes interactive touchscreen manufacturers, classroom visualiser brands, school audio systems, outdoor AV - the whole spectrum. We work in partnership with virtually all of the global manufacturers as shown above, including Smart, Promethean, Mimio, Epson, Hitachi, Samsung, Aver, Elmo and Vidifox and more. Each school is unique, and a one-size-fits-all classroom projector or school hall audio system doesn't always fit the bill. It's for this reason that we also have strong relationships with smaller, more niche systems. Examples include ambient lighting systems for intervention rooms, wall coatings for enhanced acoustics in large areas and outdoor signage installation companies. It means Elementary Technology can truly be your one-stop audio-visual partner, with this range of expertise meaning the solution you choose will always be the most appropriate for your requirements. We are also approved suppliers on the YPO Interactive Solutions Framework, meaning after detailed consultation we supply their end user customers with interactive touchscreens, projectors, visualisers and more. If you'd like to benefit from this level of accessibility, please contact us for more information. Or whether a classroom touchscreen, optical zoom visualiser or advanced digital signage system, you can always invite us to give a demonstration at your school. Click here to contact us, or use the form to the right to request an on-site demonstration.

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