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Reception areas

Let your reception create a terrific first impression for your visitors

Your reception is a key area for receiving visitors, prospective parents and potential students. But with busy reception staff who have shifting priorities, how can you keep visitors engaged before human contact is made? More importantly, how can you ensure safety and security for your school, preventing unauthorised people from accessing school premises?

Elementary Technology understand your school's need to make that all-important first impression and provide safe entry and exit of visitors from your reception area. Our reception area audio visual (AV) solutions can accomplish both these needs. We offer the following AV solutions:

Digital Signage solutions - communicate important messages and provide eye-catching "welcome" presentations. Deliver a great first impression to visitors, whilst handling all your sign updates with an easy-to-use message management system.

Visitor management and safeguarding solutions increase safety and security in your school by allowing reception staff, or visitors, to check-in before they proceed from the reception area. Our all-in-one visitor management system complies to regulations set by OFSTED.

Traditional reception solutions we also provide cost-effective means of communication with showcases to display awards and trophies, attractive stand-alone display cases or notice boards.

With hassle-free installation and practical training for your reception staff on any of your reception AV solutions. We also offer on-going support on all our AV solutions so your school can make a terrific first, and lasting impression, to school visitors!

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