Technology Solutions for Small Business and School K-12

See it all, try it all, and get a discount on it all! All conveniently at your teachmeet. We'll even bring the tea, cake and a raffle prize!

Technology in schools is booming, and this can be bewildering for any school exploring their options. But taking a day out of school to attend a busy, bright, loud exhibition with hundreds of people trying to sell to you may not be your idea of fun!
We are not a faceless technology company. We are a group of local education technology experts who enjoy visiting schools, talking to teachers and finding out how we can work together.

What can we show you?

We can demonstrate most solutions, but the following are the most popular:
  • Interactive touchscreens

  • Sign-in and Safeguarding system

  • Classroom visualisers

  • Digital Signage

We can either show you a generic demo for 20 minutes or we can give you a bespoke presentation, perhaps based on plans you have or ideas you're discussing. You'll also of course have the opportunity to try it yourself, ask questions, troubleshoot current equipment and discuss with your teachmeet colleagues.
We don't believe in lengthy sessions; we keep it short, clear and packed with valuable insights! And although there's never any obligation, if you are interested in discussing pricing, as a group opportunity you'd enjoy some nice discounts.

if you'd like discuss availability, get in touch! Either call 0844 357 5197 or complete the form on this page.

Also, whether it's a Victoria sponge, carrot cake or gluten-free digestives, let us know your preference.

Ask us for a no-obligation demo at your school