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Classroom Interactive Touchscreens

Interactive Touchscreens

Empower teachers with the latest in interactive display technology

An interactive touchscreen is the brighter, crisper, more efficient and more engaging alternative to an interactive whiteboard.

The latest high performance interactive LED screens are the perfect presentation solution for classrooms - now a schools display technology can be a seamless teaching tool with limitless possibilities.

These multitouch interactive display screens, with their anti glare panels for any lighting conditions, will ensure that pupils can clearly see content, no matter where they are seated.

And with an energy efficient lifespan of over 50,000 hours, these screens have better environmental credentials, with a much lower total cost of ownership!

View our movie for an exciting snapshot of the benefits of an interactive touchscreen in your classroom.

Where are we now?

Todays pupils are digital natives and anything but the clear, crisp HD images they see on televisions, games consoles, tablets and smart phones is below standard.

And unfortunately any below standard performance is likely to affect your teaching. No matter how superb its content, when washed out colours in a bright classroom are presented via a dim lamp, pupil engagement becomes more of a challenge and your hard work is not shown in its full glory.

The good news is that more interactive touch panel displays (IFPDs) will be sold in the UK in 2015 than interactive whiteboards. So the future is bright!

Some key benefits...

  • A brighter, clearer picture touch screens show a more vibrant, clearer image and all are Full HD displays.
  • No shadows or lighting issues light is transmitted from the screen itself, eliminating disruptive shadows
  • Extended life time expensive, disruptive bulb changes are never required and the image quality is maintained for the lifetime of the product.
  • Portable and calibration free Interactive touchscreens mounted on a trolley can be easily moved and set up in any area, without the need for calibration or empty wall space.
  • Outstanding, even in bright conditions no need to close curtains or turn the lights off - interactive screens allow pupils to work in their natural, well lit environment.
  • Silent projectors can be noisy and distracting due to fan cooling. Touchscreens do not generate any heat so do not require any noisy fans.
  • Maintenance Free an ocassional wipe of the screen is all that's required - no calibration, no bulb changes...

We now work with hundreds of schools throughout the UK who have integrated this technology and never looked back. Join the touchscreen revolution and invite us for a no-obligation demo at your school!

A Testimonial

I write to say how much of a valuable investment the purchasing of the interactive screens has been and just how they have enhanced the children's learning experiences.

Unlike projectors and smart boards, there is no loss of picture quality from shadows, or bulbs that need replacing. The high quality image allows practitioners to use video clips, websites and to display the children's work using the Vidifox visualizers

Samantha Chamberlain, School Business Manager


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