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Classroom Media System for Schools

Nethook Classroom Multimedia System

Create a wow-factor in a classroom and show text, images and objects in large scale on your classroom display.

A class teacher can hold up a child's work for a few to see, they can pass it round for a brief review after several minutes or they can showcase it in Full HD on their interactive display. 

A classroom visualiser is now seen as a vital teaching and learning tool for most schools throughout the UK. Uses of a visualiser in conjunction with a classroom interactive display are numerous. It can become as integrated into your teaching as the whiteboard itself.

  • Record movie demonstrations; capture methodologies and playing back on display, and retaining for future use
  • View objects close up using a powerful optical zoom; how else can these be presented live to an entire classroom?
  • Use features such as annotation to label key areas of an object, or show spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Use the split-screen feature to show before and after, correct and incorrect or to highlight differences

The video below illustrates classroom applications of a visualiser:

A Testimonial

We bought 12 Vidifox Visualisers from Elementary Technology Limited the whole experience of working with the company was first class. From when I first contacted the company to ask them if they could show some of their products, to when they set them up in each classroom and demonstrated how they could be used.

The visualisers are excellent. The images displayed on the whiteboards are very clear and the product is simple to use. The children love how instantly their way work can be displayed for the rest of the class to see. I have no hesitation in recommending Elementary Technology to other schools.

Samantha Chamberlain, School Business Manager


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