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Inventry Sign-in & Safeguarding System

Ensure the safety of pupils and staff, register attendance and tick an important box for OFSTED!

The safety of staff and pupils in a school is paramount, but how can schools begin to consider the technologies and methods required to successfully ensure on-site security? Importantly, how can schools achieve security standards as demanded by OFSTED?

Elementary Technology offers an all-in-one visitor management and safeguarding solution that gives you total control over all visitors, staff and pupils on a daily basis. This short movie shows how other schools are seeing enormous benefits:

The staff and student sign-in and safeguarding system consists of the following connected technologies to ensure OFSTED security standards are achieved:

  • A slick touch screen interface located in the reception area (within a desktop screen or free-standing kiosk) welcoming visitors and enabling for quick sign-in to the school premises.
  • A linked PC that lets reception staff administer the system with ease; making day-to-day site access a simple but effective process.
  • A connected webcam and thermal printer lets your reception staff take a photo of the visitor and print out an ID badge for repeat use: visitors scan their badge for easy re-entry.
  • A secure database that can be accessed by the receptionist to search, manage and print reports of visitors and staff, and notify other staff of visitors just arrived; either by email or SMS.

You can even integrate the system with other school information management systems. It means for example the end to manually inputting late arrivals, as these will automatically be added to your MIS by the software.

Visitor management system integrations

A snapshot of some more benefits our school will enjoy:

  • Increased security and traceability of everyone entering and leaving the school
  • Providing an easy and consistent process to manage visitors at reception
  • Having access to a single central record of CRB/DBS for staff and visitors, and provide CRB/DBS-approved badges
  • Instantly creating a "one-click" list of visitors and staff to improve speed and accuracy, for example, for a roll call during a fire evacuation

Elementary Technology advise on the best approach to implementing a sign-in system into your school. We can arrange an in-school demonstration to a time of your convenience and advise a bespoke solution to suit your unique requirements.

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A Testimonial

Compared to our previous paper based system, the new touchscreen sign-in system which integrates with our office is vastly easier to manage, it saves us a lot of time, is more reliable and also brings safeguarding benefits to our school.

In a school with 540 pupils and 60 staff, its essential we know at any time exactly who is on site and this system gives us that information at the click of a button or a tap of the excellent iPad application.

Samantha Chamberlain, School Business Manager


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