Technology Solutions for Small Business and School K-12


Let students make their own journey towards learning

As students move around the school, you have a great opportunity to engage with them. You can create a new, dynamic way to communicate with your students and staff with the latest audio visual (AV) solutions. We offer, but not limited to, digital signage and portable PA systems as the most effective audio visual (AV) solutions for corridors.

Digital signage solutions  - via strategically placed large screen displays, you can easily create visually compelling displays and incorporate a variety of media, from different sources, which can merge seamlessly together.

Portable PA systems  many schools use audio in corridors, thoroughfare and access points to either play music or make announcements via a battery-charged, lightweight PA system.

With digital signage, you can communicate relevant and time sensitive information throughout the school building. Encourage good behaviour and practice with appealing messages to pupils; especially in areas that aren't regularly monitored by school staff. Tailor messages to different pupils of different years or at key stages of learning, and at different times of the day when corridors are used.

With PA systems, you can make important audio announcements such as safety or emergency messages; play calming music during break to get children prepared for the next lesson.

Elementary can ensure that your school communications program is complete with digital signage and PA systems placed strategically in corridors, thoroughfare and access points, within the school building. These solutions can be delivered hassle-free to school activity, and include staff training.

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