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School grounds and sports facilities

Whether playing or learning, audio visual solutions can make school grounds come alive!

More parents today worry that schools are not working to improve the health and fitness of their children during school hours. Schools are also looking for new and better ways to encourage healthy lifestyles for their pupils. Also, as schools become familiar, multi-purpose venues for social and community events, they increasingly need to be equipped for non-curricular activities.

We provide the audio visual (AV) solutions you require to make your outdoor premises more engaging. For example, school grounds with outdoor screens can make a great first impression. Sports facilities and gyms can greatly benefit with PA systems for morning exercises such as Wake and Shake, or managing sports days. Outdoor areas of a school can use PA systems to make events such as summer fetes or outdoor dances a big success.

Our outdoor and sports AV solutions can help you create a more vibrant and active school community; click a link below to learn more:

Outdoor screens and kiosks - create a great first impression with visitors; provide an automated information point and communicate vital information immediately upon arrival.

Playground PA system - increase the use of your outdoor facilities; help improve children's fitness levels; endorse healthy lifestyle messages and improve school communications overall. Invaluable for local and special school events, whether indoors or outdoors.

With these AV solutions, you can experience the following benefits:

  •   Make your school playgrounds & related outdoor areas more attractive as a vibrant local community venue.
  •   Improve children's concentration levels during lessons, after an active workout.
  •   Provide a means of communication for better organised and more enjoyable events.

We advise on completely new AV solutions, upgrades that provide all new benefits, or recommend cost-effective replacements. We bring our combination of knowledge and friendly advice to help you provide the right AV solutions in your school's outdoor premises. We also train you on how to make the most of these devices and provide on-going support and maintenance.

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