Technology Solutions for Small Business and School K-12

Upgrade your school, and avoid capital spend.

Your first question will be: 'That's a great idea - why isn't everyone doing it?'

The answer? When schools start understanding why it works, everyone will be doing it. And for lots of reasons, now is the best time for you to get involved - supported by us one of Smart's very few Smart ClaaS partners.
Basically, Smart ClaaS allows you to upgrade all of your technology, spread the spend over multiple years, at a usually lower total cost compared to the purchase price. But that's just the start of how this is revolutionising procurement for schools in your area.
The basis of it involves 'use without ownership', just like your school probably manages its printer technology and your colleagues drive the latest high specification cars to work every day. It's viewed as a subscription service which when you think about it, is the perfect solution for your school.

We can talk you through the intricacies, but the following summarises how a typical school benefits:

  • You can upgrade all interactive display technology at a similar first year cost to purchase of just a few units

  • You'll benefit from the latest Smart interactive touchscreens, software suite and teaching tools

  • You will have standardisation across the school - in teaching, learning, training, performance and opportunity

  • You can incorporate non-display technology, such as visualisers, WiFi infrastructure or even playground equipment into this ongoing operating cost

  • You can refresh this technology, retaining your excellence, without any increase in ongoing cost

  • You can release capital from recently purchased equipment, and use the funds to offset initial payments

It means a change of mindset with regard your display technology. As a school you're enabling an ICT development roadmap, providing yourself with opportunity for development and continuous improvement.

The alternative, as virtually all schools currently subscribe to, is the risk of technology obsolescence and performance stagnation.

As your school moves forward with a School Improvement Plan, the performance of your most vital teaching tool is lagging behind.

Several Multi-Academy Trusts and a growing number of LA schools are already taking advantage of this pioneering concept, and now is the time to join them.

For more information, and to hear about our other customers who are already enjoying the benefits, contact our specialist team on 0844 357 5197 or complete the form on this page.

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