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Outdoor screens & kiosks

Your on-site staff are increasingly pressured with many responsibilities and can't always make contact with visitors. You require an effective means to present your institution with confidence and assurance. Use outdoor screen and kiosk solutions to provide important information and welcome visitors as a memorable first point of contact.

Outdoor screens allow schools, colleges and universities to display messages and announcements; particularly useful for sports day results. The latest outdoor screen solutions feature strong, durable casing to protect from vandalism, and are built to withstand rain & harsh weather conditions. Outdoor screen displays can be removed from the casing for easy maintenance.

Kiosks can display information outside school buildings; in either interactive or non-interactive formats. The latest kiosk solutions can be displayed in landscape & portrait models with user interfaces similar to tablet devices. Pressure-free screens reduce damage over time and feature ultra-tough protective glass for safe use in accessible areas of your institution.

Outdoor screens and kiosks are commonly used to:

  •   Create a great first impression to visitors with eye-catching and memorable messages.
  •   Provide an automatic information point, so visitors can seek first-time knowledge before seeking staff for assistance.
  •   Let's you communicate vital information immediately upon arrival so visitors can gain a broad understanding of the premises, before they proceed inside.
  •   Keep pupil and staff based communication separated from more general information about your institution, so new visitors and parents receive targeted messages on your premises.

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