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Voting and learning response systems

Voting systems are hand-held input devices that allow students to submit answers, and choices for tests and quizzes set by their teacher. The teacher enters a question, and when responded to by students, the results are collected in software ready to be displayed in graphs or tables for review. Well-known brands such as Smart, Promethean, Wordwall, Elmo and Mimio offer voting systems.

The following uses apply once voting systems are introduced into a classroom:

  •   Use simply 'yes/no' based questions; multiple choice or numeric responses in almost any subject.
  •   Ask questions via the voting system during a lesson to check understanding, and then tailor the remaining time to address any areas of confusion.
  •   Carry out quick tests and receive answers immediately; allowing you to spend more time on teaching more complicated learning concepts.
  •   Give individual support to children who haven't fully understood by creating specific questions to help improve their understanding.

Using voting systems allow teachers to experience the following benefits:

  •   Encourage classroom inclusion as pupils can contribute, or ask for help, without being singled out.
  •   Instant and personal feedback from every pupil means teachers can avoid unnecessary, written tests. Teachers can reduce marking time and instead focus on lesson development.
  •   Increase interactivity and contribution, and help pupils' retention and engagement.
  •   Allows teachers the flexibility to tailor lessons to support each individual pupil.
  •   Encourage self-paced learning, especially useful for pupils with special education needs (SEN).

Elementary understand the power and effectiveness of voting systems and can deliver voting solutions in classrooms from 8 to 32 pupils. We provide practical training on how the voting system works, and how to use the accompanying results collection software. Teachers can get up to speed quickly and start making the most of voting systems for all their future lessons.

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