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Staff rooms

For educators who need to refresh and prepare their minds

We find that many schools easily overlook the benefits of AV solutions in staff rooms. The staff room can represent a place of calm, away from the demands of school life, which gives teachers somewhere to sit, have a coffee and a breather.

But it's also a space where lesson plans are perfected; preparations are made for meetings; small group learning activities can take place and discussions had about key events. Newer teachers can get advice & support to grow in confidence by learning from more experienced teachers. As a multi-faceted space, the following AV solutions are most popular in staff rooms.

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Interactive displays provide HD quality displays with no glare or shadows; and with no fade in image quality over time. Interactive displays can effortlessly handle the numerous learning and preparatory activities that occur in staff rooms.

Digital signage a screen linked into a digital signage system can display important messages such as training days, important school milestones and upcoming education events.

Help teachers to simply do and achieve more, with our AV solutions:

  •   Help teachers strengthen their lesson plans and improve confidence in teaching, by using interactive displays to test activities and tasks before the actual lesson.
  •   Use interactive displays, or an interactive whiteboard solution, for staff training. These can be either formal professional development programs or spontaneous training such as brainstorming meetings and 'housekeeping' sessions.
  •   Provide relevant messages on digital signage targeted specifically at teachers, and as separate from communications that occur in the rest of the school premises.

Elementary can go the extra mile to equip staff rooms with AV solutions that teachers need to succeed with pupils. We can audit your staff rooms and propose the right solution, and offer hassle-free set-up and complete training after installation.

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