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School halls

Audio visual systems to make your hall the pride of your school

With the range of activities taking place in school halls, and how regularly the space is being used, it's essential that the audio-visual equipment in place is of the highest standard.

Staff who use the school hall on a daily basis may simply accept what's available, even if for example audio systems are unsuitable for children with hearing disabilities, or projector brightness is insufficient for viewing by all those in the hall.

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With the right technology your institution can have a fully operational theatre for drama workshops and full-scale productions. Or a professional cinema for film or after school clubs. Or simply properly equipped areas for large group teaching, school lunches or classroom overflow facilities.

The most popular audio visuals technologies for halls include, but are not limited to:

High brightness projection solutions - Combined with projection screens to make the maximum impact with your school presentations, to the front and back of your hall.

Hall lighting solutions - Hall lights are discreetly, yet strategically positioned, to cater for a wide range of lighting needs in your school hall. Create the perfect ambience with lighting, whether for school-wide presentations, overflow lessons, sports or creative activities.

Hall audio solutions - Provide professional sound for assembly, lectures, and parents' evenings, school plays and local group activities such Zumba classes! We can deliver installed or portable audio solutions to use in many events involving indoor and outdoor activities.

Wireless slates - Allow you to control the main display from anywhere in the hall. Use wireless slates to move around the platform or hall to get the audience involved in your presentation, and make a greater impact.

Our hall solutions can be completely customised to maximise the fun and value of any kind of hall activity. 

We will always provide a free site survey before we quote you, and always ensure our installations are completed on time, causing as little disruption as possible to you. We can also supply all relevant peripheral items, from mountings to furniture and more.

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